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<h1>Curing An Allergy Using The Allergy Kit</h1> <h1>Curing An Allergy Using The Allergy Kit</h1>
When I first learned NLP, the technique I was impressed with the most (other than the fast phobia cure) was the NLP allergy cure.... <h1>Curing An Allergy Using The Allergy Kit</h1>

When I first learned NLP, the technique I was impressed with the most (other than the fast phobia cure) was the NLP allergy cure. I absolutely loved the idea of being able to reeducate your immune system and to repattern its response to a perceived threat (the allergen). 

As you can read in other posts on this site, I have successfully used the NLP allergy cure on people suffering from cat allergies, feather, paper, pollen and similar allergies and the best thing is that it usually only takes about 15 minutes for the treatment.

One area I found difficult to get the NLP allergy cure to work in though, was food intolerances. Someone mentioned to me that the reason an allergy can be dealt with so effectively is that an allergy triggers a quick reaction, making it quite easy to reprogram the immune response (if two things happen in short succession, a cause and effect relationship is often assumed by the body). If you have an intolerance, the effects often show up hours later, as the allergen first needs to be ingested and sometimes digested before a reaction occurs.

I used to be heavily gluten intolerant and while I was able to alleviate the symptoms using NLP and hypnosis, it was a very annoying situation.

So I tried out something called the Allergy Kit, which claimed to be able to deal with intolerances, as well as allergies.

The kit looks like this:

allergy kit vials

Allergy Kit

It contains 7 vials of allergens (plus one stress vial, which is supposed to deal with the stressful effects the allergy kit can have on your system), as well as a laser. You use it by holding the vials (along with a q-tip containing your saliva) to your navel, while lasering (or tapping) certain points on your body.

The vials contain the following allergy information:

  • Vial 1 Treats Calcium, Chicken, Milk, Egg and Cheese, Vit C (didn’t know you could be allergic to Vit C) and Parasites
  • Vial 2 Treats Sugars and B Vitamins
  • Vial 3 Treats Heavy Metals, Toxins, Petroleum Products and Minerals
  • Vial 4 Treats Vaccinations and Vaccines
  • Vial 5 Treats Sugar and Candida (apparently sugar needs to be treated twice, maybe because it is so ubiquitous)
  • Vial 6 Treats Wheat, Gluten and Grains
  • Vial 7 Includes Vial 1-6 (to boost the results) plus Organs and Endocrines

You have to wait 2 days between using the vials, so the whole procedure takes about 2 weeks to finish. 

My results were quite interesting.  I had always suspected that I might have a problem with lactose and after the first session, I was basically knocked out for about 4 hours, so the procedure must have had some effect on my system.

The other vials did not have such a strong effect, so after the 14 days, I had a pizza and a beer. Usually, I would get red blotches on my face, feel exhausted and basically have a pretty bad 7 days afterwards. This time, no blotches, still some exhaustion and a bit of pain in my gut, but those effects were gone after 4 hours. So I did another round, this time only using the vial containing gluten and since then, things are so much better, it’s fantastic. I don’t want to overdo it, so I still look after my diet, but if I have a few beers, pizza, bread, noodles, I have no negative reactions anymore. The impact this had on the quality of my life is amazing.

Based on my experience, I can highly recommend the Allergy Kit. Your results may vary, but the testimonials on their The Allergy Kit Site are pretty impressive, as well.


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