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A few months after I managed to cure my cat allergy using the NLP allergy cure, my brother and his wife came to visit... Using EFT To Cure An Allergy

A few months after I managed to cure my cat allergy using the NLP allergy cure, my brother and his wife came to visit and it turned out that she was highly allergic to cats.

At that time, though, my sister-in-law’s English was quite poor, so I found it difficult to use the NLP allergy cure, as it involves quite a bit of linguistic framing and leading the person through different emotional states.

So I decided to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with her and it worked really well.

For those who haven’t heard of EFT, it is a technique developed by Gary Craig (who took Roger Callahan’s TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and simplified it). It is similar to acupuncture, but instead of using needles, you tap lightly on certain meridian points and as opposed to acupuncture, these points are always the same, rather than dependent on the issue you are working on.

I will share a picture with the relevant tapping points at a later date.

Here’s how I use EFT: You think of the issue you want to work on. This could be anything from a physical issue (“I have a headache”) to an emotional or mental one. It is useful to be specific, but you can’t really do anything wrong. Sometimes you actually start out with one issue and during the tapping process, your focus changes, e.g. from “I have a headache” to “I am angry that I can’t get rid of the headache”.

You take the statement and add something positive to it, so the brain knows which direction to go (from feeling bad to feeling better). This could be something as simple as saying “Even though I have a headache, the rest of my life is pretty good!” or “Even though I hate having this headache, at least my family loves me!”.

While saying this statement out loud, you tap on your karate chop point (the area on the side of the hand below your pinky). This is done to counteract our brain’s tendency to disagree with things that are not true at the moment. (You go “I have a headache, but it will be better soon!”. Your brain goes “Yeah, right!”)

You then take one word that encompasses the whole situation/issue for you and say it out loud while tapping on certain points on your body. I tend to tap around 7-10 times on each point, then go to the next. At the end of the tapping round, you start again with the full statement and tapping on your karate chop point. I tend to do 3 rounds altogether.

The tapping points I use are:

1. Inside eyebrow (on the bone)

2. Outside eyebrow

3. Under the eye

4. Under the nose

5. Under the lip

6. On the collarbone

7. On the outside of the ribcage

8. On top of the head

It doesn’t matter whether you tap on your left or right side, some people tap on both sides simultaneously.

With my sister-in-law, we went: “Even though I am allergic to cats, I am a nice person.” and then used the word “cats” on the tapping points.

She felt that the statement wasn’t really working, so we changed it to “Even though I am allergic to cats,  and I really hate it, I know that my body is only trying to protect me.”

Took about 5 minutes of tapping, then we got her to stroke and cuddle our cats and she had no allergic reactions.

Happy cats, happy sister-in-law!



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