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The Sedona Method is one of the oldest self-help methods that I know of, it has been around in one form or another for... Using The Sedona Method To Cure An Allergy

The Sedona Method is one of the oldest self-help methods that I know of, it has been around in one form or another for more than 50 years and many people swear by it. I want to share a story on how I helped a lady cure her wheat allergy using the Sedona Method.

The method was developed by Lester Levenson who used it to cure himself after being told by doctors that he only had a short time left to live and he spent the next 40+ years of his life teaching the principles of his method.

Nowadays, the main teachers of the system (as far as I know) are Hale Dwoskin (Sedona Method), Larry Crane (Release Technique) and Stephen Seretan (KISS Releasing System (KISS=Keep It Simple, Sweetheart), all former students of Lester’s.

The gist of the method is to think about something that makes you feel bad, notice that feeling in your body and then let go of it (release it). Those body feelings are internal signals that something is not right (proof=they make you feel bad) and therefore need to got rid of.

The way these 3 methods is pretty similar, even though I only ever bought the Release Technique and the KISS System, there is enough information out there to know that they all use similar techniques (my favourite is the Release Technique and I will explain why later).

Basically, you are supposed to notice the uncomfortable body sensation and ask yourself:

1. “Could I let go of it?” and notice your answer.

2. “Would I let go of it?” and notice your answer.

3.”When?” and notice your answer.

That’s it. You are supposed to ask these three questions over and over until you get the feeling that those body sensations have been released and for some people it seems to work marvellously well.

But it never worked for me. I never got whether I should ask myself or the feeling and whether I should do it rationally or dive deeper into the sensation or what.

Anyway, many people are very happy with their results.

The reason I prefer the Release Technique is because it offers a different technique which struck me as similar to some NLP processes I use. You are still supposed to release the uncomfortable sensations, but you treat them as if they were pure energy, so you can suck them out or allow them to leave your body through a window or through a glass tube. Works for me, probably because I am quite kinesthetic.

Here is how I used it with someone to help them with a intolerance to wheat:

Veronica was a participant on one of my NLP courses and during the first day we had a break int he afternoon and my partner served home made cookies. All the participants were delighted, except for Veronica. The look of disgust on her face made me ask her what was going on and she mentioned that just looking at or thinking of wheat made her cramp up and feel very uncomfortable. The interesting thing was that the uncomfortable sensation was not in her stomach, but in her chest area, so in all likelihood not a “real” physical sensation, but a psychosomatic one.

I asked her if the sensation always appeared in the same location and she confirmed it. So I suggested she might imagine putting a glass tube directly into the middle of that sensation and allow it to just leave her body, as it obviously didn’t want to be there. I made sure that she didn’t try to push out the feeling, because we didn’t want it to come back. It took her about 10 minutes to release all of the uncomfortable sensation and when I asked her to think of a cookie, her nose didn’t scrunch up and she said “Actually, I’d really like to try one, if that is okay.” Of course, the greedy NLP practitioners had finished all of them, so we had to get some more from the kitchen and Veronica very slowly and deliberately ate the cookie. If you ever want to learn about mindfulness, watch someone eat their first cookie in years….

She had no immediate reaction and since the course went on for another week or so, we noticed that the change had stuck, as she continued to fight for the cookies during lunch without displaying any of the reactions she used to have in the past.

Give it a try!


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